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Cleanroom Accessories

We can supply & fit a wide selection of cleanroom accessories

Cleanroom accessories are just as important as anything else for a functioning lab. Keeping this in mind, we provide a large range of accessories to ensure you can run your lab efficiently. 

Speak to our experts to get everything you need to get powered up, lit and safe. No matter what your lab needs we’ll advise and supply you to the best of our ability. 

Power Sources

We will provide you with power sources to run equipment from. We only supply safe and reliable power sources that are suited to laboratory work.


An onsite water source is important for cleanrooms. It means that water can be accessed quickly and without risk of contaminating the environment. 

Led Lighting

High quality LED lighting ensures great visibility at low operating costs. Additionally LED lighting provides a long lasting and more eco-friendly lighting option. 

Air Showers

Air showers allow for the efficient and reliable decontamination of personnel entering or leaving a cleanroom. As such they are a vital part of you equipment in order to keep your clean room free of pollutants and hazardous pollutants from reaching outside. 

Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen generators operate by pulling nitrogen from the air. This allows you to generate nitrogen onsite. 

Onsite generation gives you a constant supply of nitrogen that is safer and more cost effective than cylinders.

Changing Atriums

Having a separate changing atrium keeps the cleanroom free of any pollutants that may be present on clothes. By having staff gown in these areas you restrict the possibility of contamination. 

Step-over Benches

Step-over benches provide ease of gowning and storage to clean room staff. They allow staff don coveralls and cleanroom footwear without risk of contamination. Additionally they can be used to create a boundary to the cleanroom entrance. 

Pass Thru’ Hatch

Pass Thru’ Hatches allow staff to transfer to and from a clean room without contamination. The airlocked hatch prevents the spread of airborne microbes from a room with lower air purity classification. 

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