Control The Spread of Harmful Germs With Shoe Disinfection Technology

110x More Effective Than UVC light in just 8 Seconds.

Key features of the shoe sanitiser

Works in just 6-8 seconds

Allowing you to seamlessly integrate the UVZone shoe sanitizing stations into your protocols without compromising efficacy.

Uses UVZone Technology

The patented Patho3gen UVZone technology yields superior disinfection rates. Where Ozone is the game-changer and results are over 110 times more powerful than UVC disinfection.

Up to 99.999% kill rates

The shoe sanitizing station has a 3-5Log reduction with industry leading kill rates at only 8 seconds.

Plug & Play

Works right out of the box, giving you peace of mind with minimal effort.

Requires no additional staff

Allowing you to focus on what you do best, while our technology works for you 24/7.


With 24/7 protection from the spread of pathogens


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Experience UVZone Disinfection

Our shoe disinfection technology is used all over the world in multiple healthcare facilities, clean rooms, office buildings, and more. Through working with our team, we can help you achieve powerful disinfection results rapidly.

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