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ACD for Odours, Gases & Vapours

Learn more about our ACD Mobile Extraction products for odours, gases & vapours

Production processes in various industries cause harmful gasses and vapours to be released, often with an unpleasant odour. These contaminants can irritate the eyes and lungs, some act as a respiratory poison or neurotoxin. They can even pose a risk of explosions. To combat these dangers it is important to include a well maintained ACD Mobile Extraction unit in your facility. 

ULT’s ACD extraction units and filtration technology offer a full range of solutions to fit any facility. This includes low footprint models perfect for labs that are short on space of box van type cleanrooms. 

Our ACD Mobile Extraction units use saturation filter technology. These systems retain both gaseous pollutants and dust and aerosol droplets. Keeping them out of the environment and keeping all personnel and equipment safe. Purified air is then recirculated back into the working area. The filters of the unit can be easily exchanged and partly refurbished. This gives them a long service life and low maintenance costs. 

For more precise applications units can be fit with an extraction arm and collection elements. 

To find out more about which ACD Mobile Extraction unit is best for you talk to one of our experts today.

Jumbo Filter Trolley ACD

ACD 160

ACD 200.1 A6

ACD 200.1 A14

ACD 220 Ex

ACD 400 Ex

ACD 400

ACD 1200 A28

ACD 1200 A46 Ex

ACD 1200 A60

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