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Chemtrap H402

Standalone filtration system for fire proof and chemical storage cabinets

Protection from inhalation of noxious chemicals

Seamless integration

Transforms any fire proof or chemical storage cabinet into a standalone filtered storage safety cabinet.

Breathe Easy

Eliminates noxious vapors released from your fire resistant safety cabinet and improves your safety from inhalation risks.

Constantly renewing air quality

Continuously cleans the air in your lab.

Easy to use

Simple and intuitive communication by light and sound system.

Non-disruptive install

Easy to install, energy saving & economical, no ducting needed.

Chemtrap V201 Smart

Also available for underbench safety cabinet

Simpler to use, safer to operate

We guarantee superior filtration that will keep you protected during your laboratory activities.

Chemtrap Smart filters the air from the internal chamber of a storage cabinet, captures noxious fumes right at the source and returns clean air back into the laboratory while contributing to a better and safer working environment. Designed as a standalone system with no need for ducting, it is equipped with an adjustable flexible air pipe that allows an easy connection to the exhaust of your existing cabinet..

Equipped with the highest efficiency filtration system, Chemtrap Smart now integrates an innovative and straightforward mode of communication called Smart Technology. This technology uses simple light and sound pulsations to show that the unit is operating safely so you can focus your attention on what is most important: your work.

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