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Eye / Face Showers

Eye / Face Showers

Having an eye & face showers is an essential part of lab safety. They ensure that any harmful chemicals that get in the eyes or on the face can be dealt with quickly. When harmful substances -particularly corrosive ones- get in the eyes it is vital to act quickly. Even a delay of a few seconds is enough to worsen the damage. As such it is important to have quick access to an emergency station on-site to quickly rinse out the substance.

We stock showers with a 45° angle, which allows them to be more easily positioned to the eyes. If you are unsure of which eyewash station best suits your needs then please contact our experts to advise you. 

We also offer ongoing support and maintenance on eyewash stations to ensure that your lab is always as safe as possible.

Wall Mounted Flexible

Eye Shower with Two 45° heads and full sign package.

This model offers significantly more flexibility making it much easier to rinse the eyes quickly.

Table Mounted

Eye Shower with Two 45° heads and full sign package.

The table mounted eye shower allows for quick access at the site of contamination. 

Wall Mounted Stationary W.Bowl

Eye/Face Shower with Bowl, Wall Mounted

A stationary eye & face shower that allows for easy washing of the face as well as the eyes and also helps keep the surrounding area clean. 

Wall Mounted Stationary

Eye Shower, Wall Mounted

In the case of emergency anyone who has gotten harmful substances in their eyes can rely on this wall mounted eye shower to easily rinse their eyes out.