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Formalin Dispensing Station

Formalin Dispensing Station

Features include:

Ultra Deep Carbon Filters
The deepest filters available on the market increase contaminant dwell time to 0.3 seconds.
Large Unhindered Dispense Area
The large dispense aperture allows for easy work area access.
Stainless Steel Work Surface
Brushed stainless steel ensures a clean working area.
Low Airflow Monitor & Visual Alarm
Monitor all aspects of the product operation from the user-friendly display.
Chemical Safe Taps
High-quality taps designed to protect the operator from hazardous Formalin fumes.
Foot Switch Option
User-friendly dispensing foot pump allows for safe and controlled flow of chemicals.

Why choose a formalin dispensing station

Our Formalin Storage Cabinets are ideal for the safe storage of samples within a Pathology, Mortuary or laboratory environment. Circulaire® Chemical Storage is designed for the safe storage of samples and other items containing chemicals such as formalin or peracetic acid. The cabinet is constantly ventilated to prevent the build-up of fumes in the storage area. The air is drawn through an activated carbon filter to remove fumes.

Whilst these products are all designed for use with Formalin this is not exclusive. We can offer many filters that make the products suitable for a host of other chemical applications. 

Our range of downflow workstations and benches also offer excellent containment for dissection work. 

Bringing a Breath of Fresh Air

Freestanding, simply place a container of formalin into the base section, connect up and dispense the formalin through the tap. The large capacity carbon filter ensures that no fumes are returned into the working area. Where additional safety is required an outlet carbon filter can be fitted along with a filter saturation alarm.

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