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Professional Laboratory Grade Air Purifiers

Filtration of Gas, Viral & Bacterial Pollutants

Seamless integration

Autonomous filtration unit no HVAC connection required

Breathe Easy

Dedicated air quality sensor (HALO C only)

You're in control

Remote management by app

Efficient & Economic

Very low energy consumption (50w) &
Zero release of pollutants to atmosphere

Non-disruptive install

Fast & simple to install

Decontaminated air, in any environment

HALO C and HALO P guarantees all labs, offices or classrooms air decontamination from all chemical, viral and bacterial pollutants.

Halo C air purifier units (VOC, Formaldehyde, Chemplus) allow for the complete molecular filtration of a wide variety of airborne pollutants which can represent a health threat to all occupants.

In order to bring the best particulate filtration technology, we have equipped our HALO P purified air units with a HEPA H14 laboratory grade particulate filter or when necessary a ULPA U16 particulate filter for the most critical health risk situations.

According to EN1822 particulate filtration standard our HEPA & ULPA offer a very low particulate penetration factor and can achieve dust free air filtration efficiency of 99,99995% which is 10 to 1000 times more powerful than common air purifier units found on the market.

These filters are designed for the most complex sanitary situations. They efficiently & significantly reduce the propagation of all airborne viral and bacterial pollutants. We find these types of filters in cleanrooms and in all laboratory grade microbiological safety cabinets for the safe handling of pathogenic microorganisms.

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