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LRA For Soldering Fumes

Soldering Fume Extraction

Soldering fume extraction technology is an important part of any facility that needs to solder. No matter how little. Soldering always produces fumes that are harmful to the worker and those around them. Due to the negative impact on human health, regulation on soldering fume extraction is strict. 

Beyond the risk posed to workers soldering fumes also pose a risk to equipment and products as they form a firmly attached layer of dirt.

Our LRA s fume extractors remove fumes from the air at the workstation. This creates a much cleaner and safer environment for you and your staff. Additionally options are available for individual workspace models. These low footprint models allow for a much greater range of movement around the space and generally put less space demands on the area without sacrificing security. For larger operations with full production halls, there is also more complete solutions.

LRA type extractors offer peak user friendliness. Combining low noise and energy usage, with a very simple to use system. Best of all, these extractors are very easy to maintain. Saturated filters can be swapped out and partly refurbished allowing for equipment with a long lifespan, minimal maintenance costs and very little downtime.

Jumbo Filter Trolley LRA 2.0

LRA 160

LAS 200.1

LAS 1200

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