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Mobile Extraction LAS

Mobile Extraction LAS units create a much environment to work in. We use lasers to great effect in many industries these days, they allow us to easily weld materials together and make precise complex cuts. All of the applications we use lasers for generate laser fumes however. These fumes are incredibly harmful to anyone who inhales them and can contaminate your assets and products.

To deal with this it is vital you use quality mobile extraction LAS units that remove laser fumes. Here at NSP we offer a range of units that can be broadly split into two types. Which you should choose depends on your application. Speak with one of our experts to get advice on the full range of units and make an informed decision.

Storage Filter Systems

Storage filter systems are best suited to work areas where the volume of laser fume is relatively low. They also work great for removing sticky laser fumes as well as odorous emissions. Offering a compact footprint makes them ideal for a workspace that needs to be mobile or that has tight space requirements.

These LAS systems work by retaining pollutants in a filter and cycling purified air back into the workspace. When it reaches the end of it’s lifespan the filter is simply replaced.

Overall these systems are very user friendly but do have a shorter lifespan than their cartridge counter parts and are less suited for large scale application. Storage filter systems are also primarily designed to deal with low to medium densities of laser fumes and may struggle at higher densities.  

Jumbo Filter Trolley ASD

ACD 160

ASD 200

LAS 200.1

LAS 260

LAS 300

LAS 400

LAS 1200

Cartridge Filter Systems

Cartridge filter systems are designed to deal with high concentrations of laser fumes. They work particularly well with dry fumes. For those looking for a long lasting mobile extraction LAS unit, cartridge systems are a good choice. Not only do they have a long life span they also have low operating costs.

Pollutants are collected on the surface of the filter before being blown into dust collectors by inbuilt compressed air tanks. This allows for a much longer lifespan but also causes bulkier units. As such cartridge filter systems aren’t as suited to smaller facilities.

ASD 300.81 HFM054

ASD 500

ASD 300.81 HFM054

ASD 300

ASD 2500

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