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Vacuum Mat

Precision control of fine shoe-borne dusts & debris

Protection from inhalation of noxious chemicals

Clean Control Vacuum Mat

Clean design without screws

The vacuum mat can be fixed to a surface without the need for screws or heavy adhesive.

Malfunction Failsafe

Using a single laser sensor, the unit detects movement and will operate only when interacted with. 

Air Speed of 25m/sec

Dust, contaminants or foreign objects are powerfully pulled away from shoes using this innovative screwball technology. Dirt or debris is drawn away from shoes inside the interior cavity of the unit.

3 Tiered Plate System

Intra-plate silicone sealing increases water density and structural integrity to resist stronger weight loads.

Luminous Screwballs for Emergency Guidance

Both sides of the vacuum mat are equipped with luminous screwballs to ensure safety in the event of an emergency or electricity supply interruption.

Customisable dust control, at the touch of a button

Management of small particles is in your hands with completely customizable settings to suit your environment & requirements.

The vacuum mat can be used in almost any environment from semiconductor fabrication, HACCP, IT, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, construction sites, nurseries, nursing homes, restaurants, cinemas etc.

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