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Adams Balances

Equinox Precision Balances

Analytical lab balances are useful tools for measuring the mass of a substance with a very high degree of precision. 

We stock the equinox model from Adams Equipment. The Equinox features an intuitive touch screen that makes it easy to control, with a high resolution that makes it easy to read.  Calibration and set up is a simple process that allows for stress free set up. 

These balances have multiple functions allowing you to easily swap between measuring, mass, percentage mass, density, etc. This makes the Equinox a well rounded device to have in any laboratory setting. 

With their compact design our range of balances are perfect for any floor plan. Whether you are set up in a full cleanroom or even one of our mobile box vans, the Equinox models will not be out of place. 


Our experts can guide you on the best model to suit your needs, so don’t hesitate to speak to us today.

EPB 363E

EPB 363I

EPB 723E

EPB 723I

EPB 1203I

EPB 2103I

ETB 3202E

ETB 3202I

ETB 6202E

ETB 6202I

ETB 8202E

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