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Powder Containment Booth

Powder Containment Booth

Features include:

Operator Protection
H14 HEPA Filters removes 99.997% of all particles >0.3 μm in size.
Fluorescent Lighting
Recessed fluorescent strip light illuminates the working area.
Chemical Resistant Construction
Highly Chemical Resistant construction allows for a wide range of chemicals to be used.
Low Airflow Monitor Alarm
Control & monitor all aspects of a product operation from the user-friendly Colour Interface.
Open Front Working Aperture
The Large Working Aperture allows for easy work area access.
Easy Powder Transfer
Easy transfer and manoeuvring of medium to heavy powders.

Why choose an NSP Powder Containment Booth?

Our Powder Containment Booth is designed specifically for control of medium to heavy powders when a user is dispensing from containment drums to a balance or smaller container. It offers first-class operator protection from both Powders and Particulate. 

The open front design allows for easy access to your working area for easy transfer and manoeuvring. It is manufactured from polypropylene over an epoxy powder coated zintec mild steel frame and is fitted with a recessed fluorescent strip light to illuminate the area.

The system provides a solid work surface, 950mm high for balance placement on one side while the opposite side is left open for drums etc. The extraction is positioned from 1000mm to 1300mm high.

The system can be supplied on adjustable feet or with wheels for seamless relocation.

Bringing a Breath of Fresh Air

The high-velocity rear extraction offers excellent containment, filtering air up to 1250m3/hr and achieving an air velocity of up to 0.7m/s. It is also supplied with a variable airflow controller to ensure optimal containment is achieved. The 1800mm wide booth is 2400mm high and utilises H14 HEPA Filters, 99.997% efficient @ 0.3μm.

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