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We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of Biological Safety Cabinets available in Ireland. Our Class II and Class I Biological Safety Cabinets feature the latest features and technologies to bring protection to operator and material alike. 

Class II Biological Safety

Class I Biological Safety

What is an NSP Biological Safety Cabinet?

A biological safety cabinet (BSC) provides a ventilated workspace, typically used in laboratory environments to allow for safe interactions with contaminated materials or pathogens; protecting both the lab worker and the surrounding areas.  The air is removed from the workspace through a HEPA filter to ensure that viruses & bacteria can be safely removed. Our BSCs also facilitate the sterility of materials used inside the product.

We subject our biological safety cabinets to rigorous testing to ensure they comply with pre-defined biosafety levels. 

What is the difference between classes?

Class I cabinets provide personnel and environmental protection and are commonly used to enclose specific equipment or procedures that potentially generate aerosols. BSCs of this class are either ducted or non-ducted.

Class II cabinets provide personnel and environmental protection as well as product / sample protection due to the makeup air also being HEPA-filtered.