Class I Biological Safety

Key Features:

Fixed Airflow Speed
The unit fan runs at a fixed speed to ensure user protection.
UV Chamber Disinfection
Pre-programmed Start and Finish ensures efficient and complete disinfection.
Sliding Safety Sash
Ensures a safe and secure working chamber.
High-Quality Filters
High-quality HEPA filters are 99.997% efficient at 0.3 microns & create the positive pressure required.
Visionaire® Touchscreen
Control & monitor all aspects of a product operation from the user-friendly Colour Interface.
Stainless Steel Work Surface
316-grade stainless steel ensures efficient airflow.

The Class I Biological Safety Cabinets supplied and fitted by NSP utilise a specially ventilated enclosure, developed for sterile material handling. Our units guarantee that operator, environment and working materials are protected from contamination.

Standard Features Include:

  • Low Energy < 120watts of power.
  • UV Lighting Strip ensures VHP & Formalin Disinfection.
  • Electric Sash Adjustment & Closure.
  • H 14 HEPA Filters that help create an ISO Class 4 Clean Environment.
  • Air Diffuser and Sloped Intake for efficient and smooth airflow.
  • Removable Polished Stainless Steel Work Surface.

The Guardian range is fitted with the Visionaire® 7” full-colour touch screen control system that allows the highest level of control and monitoring. Audible and Visual alarms alert the user to maintenance requirements including: Service, UV Light replacement and Cabinet Hours Run. Formalin and VHP Cycles are also controllable.

Bringing a Breath of Fresh Air

The Guardian system also incorporates a Visual Display of Inlet velocity (m/sec or ft/min), and Temperature & Humidity levels. The system also allows control of UV Light, Electrical Sockets, Cabinet Power and Light Variable intensity.