Cleanroom Kits

Features Include:

  • LED Lighting Panels 
  • Polycarbonate Window panelling
  • System control
  • Improved Aluminium profile
  • Soft-close sliding doors
  • ACP Wall panelling
  • CAM Filtration Units

Why choose an NSP Cleanroom Kit?

We work closely with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure we can bring you a cost-effective and safe solution to create a clean area within an existing space. Cleanroom Kits allow you to select from multiple available setups, which we will ship to you in a matter of days. We provide a solution with detailed instructions that is easily constructed. Once installed, the cleanroom is ready to be validated to the required classification.

Specifically designed for Cleanroom use, we can supply a structure that is constructed from smooth profiles and free of horizontal surfaces, significantly reducing the potential of particulate build-up.

Bringing a Breath of Fresh Air

Smooth Finish Aluminium for easy cleaning and no entrapment of particulate. Some aluminium is ribbed or grooved along its length making extrusion easier and cheaper – it also hides marks that are common in manufacture. These ribs and grooves are hiding places for dust and particulate and need regular cleaning.

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