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Circulaire Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet


Circulaire Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet

PCR Laminar Flow Cabinet

Why Choose an NSP Laminar Flow Unit?

A Laminar Flow system is vital in the control of particulate contamination. Laminar air flow can be described as an entire body of air flow with steady, uniform velocity.

We work closely with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that all aspects of our Laminar Flow cabinets are fitted with the latest digital fans to ensure low noise and low energy consumption. We offer efficient solutions with the use of internal LED lighting and PIR movement sensors that shut down non-essential functions during inactivity. 

Our Laminar Flow Cabinets are available in four standard widths, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm or a custom design service for bespoke requirements. Units can be delivered directly to your site, where we offer complete installation and certification. Our expert service ensures your solution is fully operational so you can begin your work as soon as possible.

As standard, the cabinets conform fully to BS EN ISO 14644 & BS EN 1822.

Bringing a Breath of Fresh Air

Within a Laminar Flow Cabinet air is initially drawn through an easy-change, high-quality EU4 pre-filter to remove all gross particulate. All air then passes through the fan system, before being pushed through a ULPA or HEPA filter removing 99.9998% of all particles >0.12 μm in size. This, in turn, guarantees an ISO Class 4, particle-free working environment and provides the best product protection.