ALS Refrigerators / Freezers


Ekofrigolab series: Professional Line | Ekobasic series: Basic Line

Angelantoni Life Science S.r.l. manufactures a wide range of refrigerated cabinets and combined refrigerator/freezer cabinets. We offer high reliability and flexibility in sample and drugs storage for biotechnical industry.

Wide range of capacities from 130 to 1500 liters

  • – Innovative control system
  • – Low energy consumption
  • – Maximum uniformity of temperature
  • – Very low noise cooling system
  • – Easy to clean

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Ekofrigolab & Ekobasic Technical Features

  • Structure: Zinc plated steel to ensure durability. Internal chamber in stainless steel AISI 304 with rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • Door: Made with same features of the frame, equipped with a magnetic lock, odourless rubber gaskets and anti-moisture resistor on the door. Mechanical door lock at 90°, to facilitate the loading and unloading of samples. Key lock to preclude access to unauthorized personnel. Double door for two temperatures refrigerators. Model with glass door are equipped with anodized aluminum frame and triple anti-moisture tempered glass.
  • Port hole: Diameter 23 mm, with rubber cap for the insertion of additional probes
  • Shelves: Stainless steel internal shelves adjustable in height
  • Inner Lamp: Door open courtesy light
  • Insulation: Injected CFC-free foamed polyurethane. The 75 mm thickness offers a significant energy saving
  • Cooling system: Fully sealed, placed on the top side of the cabinet, featuring a low noise hermetic compressor and air condenser. Copper pipes evaporator. Inner ventilation