erlab Chemtrap

Filtration system for chemical storage cabinets

ChemTrap filters the air from a safety/acid cabinet’s internal chamber, captures and retains
toxic fumes, and returns clean air back to the laboratory.
Designed as a standalone system with no need for ducting, it is equipped with an adjustable
pipe that accommodates connection points from the side or back of your existing cabinet.
Compatible with a wide range of safety cabinet brands.

Protection from inhalation of noxious chemicals

  • – Transforms your ordinary chemical storage cabinet into a filtered storage cabinet
  • – Fast and easy installation
  • – Eliminates noxious vapours
  • – Continuously cleans the air in your lab

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erlab Chemtrap Technical Specifications

ModelH 402V 201
External Width (mm / in)390 / 15.375200 / 7.875
External Depth (mm / in)570 / 22.5553 / 21.75
External Height (mm / in)267 / 10.5587 / 23.125
Air flow75 m3/h> 50 m3/h
Voltage / Frequency230 V / 50 Hz
Energy consumption19 W
Flexible PVC pipe (meter / feet)1 meter / 3.25 ( ∅ 80 mm)
PVC fitting∅ 75-80-100 mm
FeaturesSampling port for filter breakthrough test
Fan failure alarm to monitor
Securifilter alarm for detection of solvent breakthrough