Haier -40C Biomedical Freezer

Haier Biomedical Freezer

Haier Biomedical Freezer DW-40L508

Haier Biomedical successfully creates a new synergy by combining its manufacturing with IoT-based biological and medical sciences and practices. The company is the driving force of innovation in product design and application. Its low-temperature storage equipment works with IoT-based technology to make it possible for product real-time monitoring and tracking, intelligent vaccination, and precise blood management.

The Haier Biomedical Freezer DW-40L508 comes with 6 Alarm Functions including: High/low temperature, power failure, high ambient temp, senor error, low battery, remote alarm. Durable Refrigeration with Shelf sytle evaporator and fast cooling speed and a Multilayer drawer structure, easy to store and sort.

Key Specifications

  • Six Alarm Functions
  • Durable Refrigeration
  • Drawer Structure

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  • Capacity(L/Cu.Ft): 490/17.3
  • Net/Gross Weight(approx): 164/170(kg) 361.6/374.8(lbs)
  • Interior Dimensions(W*D*H): 685*610*1228(mm) 27.0*24.0*48.3(in)
  • Exterior Dimensions(W*D*H): 915*810*1860(mm) 36.0*31.9*73.2(in)
  • Packing Dimensions(W*D*H): 980*905*2040(mm) 38.6*35.6*80.3(in)
  • Container load (20’/40’/40’H): 12/24/24
Haier Biomedical Freezer


  • Caster Y
  • Foot Y
  • Test Hole Y
  • Drawers 10
  • USB Interface Optional
  • Temperature Recorder Optional
  • Certificate CE