ULT JUMBO Filtertrolley 2.0 LabCat

Mobile Extraction and Filtration Unit for Dust, Gases and Vapours in Laboratories

Hazardous airborne contaminants are often caused during analysis and synthesis processes in laboratories. Usually they occur in small quantities, but particularly in chemical, pharmaceutical or medical fields they may become highly dangerous for human health.

The ULT JUMBO Filtertrolley 2.0 LabCat is a specially designed extraction and filtration unit for changing work sites and applications where there is a lack of space. Its compact dimensions and ergonomics allow quick location changes and precise capturing of hazardous substances directly at their point of origin. The unit’s filtration system guarantees air purification from coarse and finest dusts, odours and hazardous gases.

Benefits at a Glance

  • – Small, light and extremely quiet
  • – Useable in any position, variable suction plate
  • – Excellent ergonomics and handling
  • – High extraction performance, stepless variable 0.01mg / 0.1mg
  • – Loaded particle filter indicator
  • – Economical through long filter life time
  • – Contamination-free filter changing
  • – Self-supporting extraction arm
  • – Application-specific capturing elements
  • – Options: digital control with remote control, alternative suction accessories

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Filtertrolley 2.0 LabCat Technical Specifications

  • Filter system, variants: 1) Z-line box G4, prefilter M5, HEPA filter H13, activated carbon 2) Z-line box G4, prefilter M5, HEPA filter H13, chemisorption 3) Only activated carbon 4) Only chemisorption
  • Maximum flow rate: 170 m3/h
  • Maximum vacuum: 2,800 Pa
  • Nominal capacity (operation): 80 m3/h at 1,900 Pa
  • Electric connection: 230 V – 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 150 W
  • Dimensions: 450 x 340 x 530 mm
  • Weight: 18 kg
  • Noise level: At 50% 45 dB (A), at 100% 49 dB (A)
  • Material: Impact resistant ABS, chemical resistant, corrosion resistant