ULT SRA for Welding Fumes

The SRA series, extraction and filter systems for welding fumes

Welding fumes are classified as a hazardous substance. Welding dust and fumes are inhalable and respirable. In the case of cadmium and nickel steels they are carcinogenic. Welding fumes should therefore be captured at source as far as possible and disposed of in a safe manner. Air separation must be carried out in such a way so that the welder is exposed to the least possible amount of welding fumes. The cleaned air is to be fed back to the working area only after adequate cleaning.

The ULT AG extraction and filtration units, as well as the range of extraction arms, capture the hazardous substances at source and guarantee highly efficient filtration.

Advantages of the ULT extraction and filter units

  • – low noise level
  • – low operating costs
  • – high performance filter
  • – compact design
  • – mobile units
  • – adaption possibilities with a wide range of accessories
  • – easy operation and maintenance

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ULT SRA Series Applications

  • Manual welding
  • Robotized welding
  • Laser welding and cutting
  • Micro welding
  • Plasma cutting
  • Grinding