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In order for laboratory equipment to work to its best ability, regular preventative maintenance should be carried out. Regular scheduled preventative maintenance can reduce the risks of downtime, of soiled samples & of user safety being compromised.

We offer standard and customised preventative maintenance to all of our customers, which can be tailored to meet all on site requirements and budgets.

Preventative Maintenance Detail

Validation, documentation, preventative maintenance & technical support of decontamination and infection control equipment for healthcare, dential, medical device, laboratories & pharmaceutical sector.

Validation / Calibration Services:

  • Healthcare washer disinfector to EN ISO 15882-1&2
  • Dental washer disinfector to EN ISO 15882-1&2
  • Laboratory & pharma washer-disinfector
  • Healthcare flusher disinfector to EN ISO 15882-1&3
  • Healthcare automated endoscope preprocessor EN ISO 15882-1&4
  • Controlled environmental storage cabinets to EN ISO 16442
  • Ultrasonic bath/irrigator/washers to EN ISO 15883-1
  • Laboratory testing of water
  • Healthcare autoclave EN ISO 285 & EN 17665
  • Dental autoclave to ISO 13060
  • Laboratory autoclave
  • Incubator, oven, fridge & freezer temperature mapping